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We have two plans to choose from with a 25-pound minimum charge. Service is available Monday thru Saturday.

1) Next-Day Service: $1.75 per pound

Laundry items will be picked up between 8:00am - 2:00pm.  Return delivery will be before 8:00pm the following business day.

2) Same-Day Service: $2.75 per pound

Laundry items will be picked up between 8:00am - 2:00pm.  Return delivery will be before 8:00pm the same day.

Sign up online at or call 203-857-1036

Commercial Pick-up/Delivery

Let Giant Laundry do your business laundry. We service all kinds of businesses including: nursing homes, hair salons, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, assisted living facilities, gyms, sports teams,  physical therapy centers, personal trainers, massage therapists, etc.

Laundry Services Include

   • Towels & Sheets

   • Tablecloths & Aprons

   • Uniforms & Scrubs

   • Curtains & Blankets

Email for pricing and options based on your company needs.

Couch cover   $24.00
Curtain    $24.00
Dress, short   $18.00
Dress, long   $24.00
Duvet cover   $45.00
Flag    $40.00
Hat    $10.00
Tie    $8.00
Napkin    $6.00
Pants    $7.00
Pillow    $15.00
Pillow cover   $8.00
Robe    $24.00
Scarf, regular   $10.00
Scarf, silk   $20.00
Schall    $18.00

Shirt, hanger   $3.00

Shirt, boxed   $4.50
Shirt, golf   $7.00
Shirt, hand pressed  $7.00
Shorts    $7.00
Skirt    $7.00
Slip cover   $55.00
Small Rug   $36.00
Socks, pair   $5.00
Suit, two piece   $18.00
Suit, three piece  $24.00
Sweater, regular  $7.00
Sweater, cashmere  $18.00
Table cloth, small  $24.00
Table cloth, large  $36.00
Tuxedo, two piece  $18.00

Dry Cleaning

Let Giant Laundry handle your dry cleaning needs.  Simply drop off your items or contact us for a pick-up. Below is our price list. or 888-304-4268  
Commercial Linen and Laundry 

Services - Norwalk, CT

Like to wash your own clothes?

Stop by our state-of-the-art facility and use any machine ranging from 20 to 80 pounds. 

Have comforters or other bedding items? Our jumbo machines are perfect to get them cleaned in about 30 minutes.

Giant's Signature Wash and Fold Drop-off Service

Giant’s signature Wash and Fold Drop-off service is perfect when you've got a lot of dirty laundry, but you haven't got the time.

Just drop it off, and we'll do the rest: separate lights from darks, then wash, dry and fold. We provide the detergent and the softener. If you need a special detergent, let us know! All items will be ready and waiting within 24 hours - clean, dry, and folded.

The cost is $1.50/pound of clothing
Note: There is a 10-pound minimum for all wash and fold orders.

Some items are priced individually.

  • Comforter, Quilt or Mattress Pad/Cover
  1. Twin $20 / Queen $25 / King $30
  • Delicate Comforter, Quilt or Mattress Pad/Cover
  1. Down - delicate cycle & low heat
  2. Twin $25 / queen $30 / king $35
  • Blankets - $15
  • Sleeping Bag - $30
  • Pillows - regular $15 / XL $20 / oversize item $40
  • Delicate Pillows
  1. Down - delicate cycle & low heat
  2. Regular $20 / XL $25 / oversize item $45

Tuxedo, three piece  $24.00

Tuxedo, four piece  $30.00
Tuxedo, five piece  $36.00
Vest    $8.00
Wedding Dress, standard and boxed  $450.00
Wedding Dress, beaded and boxed  $480.00

Note: Leather garments must be quoted separately.

​Bow Tie    $7.00
Cummerbund   $7.00
Belt    $7.00
Blanket, small   $24.00
Blanket, large   $32.00
Blazer, Mens   $7.00
Blazer, Ladies   $7.00
Blouse, standard  $7.00
Blouse, beaded   $12.00
Coat, short   $20.00
Coat, long   $30.00
Coat, rain   $32.00
Comforter, full   $30.00
Comforter, Queen  $35.00
Comforter, King   $45.00
Comforter, add for down $10.00​

Valet Pick-up/Delivery 

Weekly, biweekly or on-demand plans are available.  Let us know your needs and we can customize a plan to serve you. Your laundry will be picked up and returned within 24 hours - washed, dried and neatly folded.